Wire Crimping Machine
The offered machine is ideal for one and two side crimping. This Wire Crimping Machine provides quick processing of wire cross-section with an adjustable speed of deposit conveyor belt. It is also suitable for double crimp, ferrule crimping, and MIL crimping.
Wire Stripping Machine
This machine is ideal for electrical, rubber insulated, single and double core wires. This Wire Stripping Machine is used for cutting, double end and multi-section stripping. It easily strips the cable, PVC, and multi-core sheath wire, etc.
Wire & Cable Testing Equipments
These Wire & Cable Testing Equipments are commonly used to diagnose the fault in the cable. It checks cable strength, thickness, electrical stress, and other parameters. These equipment are greatly demanded in the electrical and electronic industry.
Wire Cutting Machine
The offered machine is commonly used to cut wire in specific lengths. This Wire Cutting Machine is also used to twisted wires, fiber optic wires, insulated wires, etc. It also cut flexible wire tube in the desired dimension.
Wire Twisting Machine
This Wire Twisting Machine is used for twisting two or more wires and cables. It is suitable for all kind of wires like coaxial wire, solid conductor wire, etc. It is controlled as per the number of twists per inch.
Press Punch
It is known for high performance and robust design. This Press Punch is widely used for cutting holes and cutouts of different size in sheet metal. It is also ideal for bending and forming operation.
Wire Applicator
The offered Wire Applicator is widely used for spreading fluid substance such as ink and paint. It is used to test the quality of various kinds of viscose substances. It provides a uniform, thin and effective coating.

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